Dreams aren’t always found where you’re looking

“A baby doctor and a hair dresser.” As a five-year-old, these were my go-to career plans. Now that I’m 22 (and very far from reaching those goals), it’s funny, because completely at peace with my unfulfilled goals.

I’m actually pretty proud of where I ended up. I go to work everyday, and, more days than not, I love what I do. I come home spend time with friends who I know would do anything for me. But when you asked me 17 years ago if any of this would be important to me, I would have given you a wholehearted “no.” And now I know I would not want to be anywhere else in my life. But how many times in our life do we do we get frustrated that we aren’t where we said we would end up?

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“A math teacher.” I might have actually had high aspirations for myself as a college freshman. I can’t decide if my heart was bigger than my hands or my hands bigger than my heart, but I am not a teacher. And, I’m proud. Because one day I can be. For now, I have other avenues to express my passion. I can stretch myself beyond getting paid to helping people., I am helping others because I love it. So five years ago, I was pressing hard for a dream, and I didn’t make it. I still can, and will, just not now.

“Better.” This is the only thing that if I wake up tomorrow and am not, I will be unhappy with myself. I don’t need to be anything in particular. My desires, my hopes, my dreams are all going to change and be influenced by my experiences. However, I know for sure in 20 years, I will still want to be better, no matter what I am doing. Just because I can’t imagine it now, I don’t want to stop myself from doing it. Tomorrow, I might discover something new that better encompasses my passions, broadens my understanding, and deepens my experience. My biggest challenge for myself is focusing on writing my “better” story rather than attempting to reach destinations I’m not passionate about. I wont be upset that I haven’t reached my goal; I will love the opportunity to become an even better version of myself.