When beautiful people do beautiful things

You don’t have to travel the world to see the most beautiful things in life, sometimes they are right in front of you.Sometimes, it comes down to the moment that you realize this.

For me, it was seeing my best friend for four years say yes when the love of her life asked her to marry him. While I was lucky enough to be the one holding a camera so they could share this moment with the rest of the world, there was nothing more beautiful than being a part of the moment.

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In the park outside the War Memorial Museum in Nashville, Evan stood waiting as I sent Lauryn to go meet the supposed photographer for her senior pictures. For me, this building now holds a new memory of one of the most paramount days of my best friend’s life, but for them this was where it all began.

change is the best part of life, because from within the change are all the new beginnings, new places, and new people that we have yet to discover.
change is all the things we are yet to become.

The building where they first met once again marks a new chapter of their lives. This day not only represented the beginning of a new adventure full of great events to come, this day was really the fruition of fabulous people and unforgettable memories Lauryn has gathered over the years.

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Like this day, every day marks a new beginning; a day to not let go of the past, but to appreciate it because it is what brought you to this moment. Moments in life can only get greater as they build on the foundation that your memories have laid.